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Springtime and asthma Oct 2, 2018

Spring can be a challenging time for asthma sufferers. It's important to follow your doctor's instructions regarding any preventer puffer or medication you are on. If you are having breathing difficulties or feel you need an update, contact our reception on 8270 1194 to make an appointment.

Hayfever Sep 12, 2018

The hayfever season is here. If your asthma is triggered by hayfever, you may need to see your GP for new medication or to check your asthma plan. If your hayfever is severe, your GP may have some solutions for you.

Welcoming Dr Amara Seabrook Aug 29, 2018

Please extend a warm welcome to Dr Amara Seabrook. Dr Seabrook is a GP Registrar and also a Clinical Educator at Flinders University. She works 3 days a week at Flagstaff Hill Medical Centre and has replaced Dr Brigid Agnew. Dr Agnew is now consulting at another Better Medical clinic, Globe Medical, in the city.

Endometriosis Task Force Aug 21, 2018

Endometriosis is a crippling condition, affecting 1 in 10 women in Australia. The government has recently announced a 5 year action plan to improve understanding in the community, training health professionals, and with sufferers having improved access to different treatments.

Meningococal B vaccines Aug 14, 2018

Fantastic news as its announced that SA is the first state to roll out free Meningococcal B vaccines. Come into the practice and talk to your doctor about the program for your children, including the catch up schedule.