Providing family medical care to the community for over 40 years

Practice Policies

This practice is committed to providing comprehensive care to all patients. Our doctors are trained and experienced in the broad range of problems dealt with in general medical practice.


A $39 gap fee applies to a standard consultation. Pensioners, Healthcare Card holders and children younger than 16 are bulk billed Monday to Friday. There is no bulk billing on Saturdays or on any appointments from 6pm. 


Fees will apply to consultations that are not claimable through Medicare. Examples of these consults include, but not limited to, Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licences, and Employment Medicals.

Phone Calls to Doctors

Due to the high demand for appointments, it is rarely possible to speak directly to your doctor via telephone. The best way to make contact with your doctor is to make an appointment for a consultation. Our doctors are unable to receive phone calls whilst they are consulting with patients. If you need medical assistance, you can request to speak to one of our nurses.

Referrals and Prescriptions

All referrals and prescriptions (new and repeat) require a consultation with a doctor. Doctors will not back date referrals. If you attend a specialist appointment without a referral, you will not be covered for any of the costs via Medicare.

Infection Control

All non disposable instruments are sterilised in accordance with Australian College of General Practice Guidelines.

Length of consultation

You may notice that sometimes we run a little late. This is usually due to a patient extending their consultation over the scheduled time. Keep in mind that a normal consultation is around 10-12 minutes with a few minutes for the doctor to enter notes. If you feel that this is not enough time for you, please ask for a double consultation when booking your appointment. (Dr Price needs to authorise any double appointments). Please also keep in mind that a medical emergency may extend a patient's appointment.

Non attendance of an appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we require 4 hours notice of cancellation. Whilst we do understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances arise from time to time, failure to advise us may result in a $33 fee being charged. Our Allied Health providers require 24 hours notice of cancellation.


This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. Your medical record is a confidential document. Please also be aware that we are unable to give information about other patients or confirm whether they are in attendance or have made an appointment.

Mobile Phones

We request that mobile phones be switched off or placed on silent whilst in the waiting room. If you choose to answer your phone whilst speaking with the doctor, they may choose to immediately end your consultation.


To ensure continuity of care it is important that you make a follow up appointment to receive any test results that your doctor request. We ask that you wait a week to allow results to be forwarded to us, unless otherwise advised by your doctor. If you have any further questions relating to your results, you will need to speak to your doctor. If you results are urgent, your doctor will call you directly.


Patients are welcome to provide us with feedback about their experience at Flagstaff Hill Medical Centre. This can be done by contacting the practice or by using the online enquiry form on our website.